Investment Banking

We provide Investment Banking and Financial Advisory services through our subsidiary, Alpha Morgan Capital Advisory Partners Limited as follows:

  1. Advice individuals, corporate organisations and government in capital raising activities.
  2. Public and Private offering of Debt/Equity
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  4. Debt Restructuring

Alpha Morgan Capital Advisory Partners Limited is managed by a team of highly-skilled Investment Bankers with a string of successful corporate deals to its name.

Our ability to provide exceptional investment banking services is the reason our clients choose us.


Deploying our expertise and knowledge, we create unique and specific financial plans to achieve the goals of our clients. We provide optimum solutions in complex financial situations and our processes involve strategic planning, due diligence in research and analysis, as well as post-merger integrations. We also provide comprehensive restructuring services for companies in distress. These include non-performing loan disposal, turnaround planning advisory, and more. Our clients goals become our goals and we make it our responsibility that our clients achieve these goals.

By working hand-in-hand with clients, we manage the capital structures of corporations, leveraging combinations of financial instruments to optimize business value. We help our clientele make less risky choices with their investments. Our structured finance products include syndicated loans, credit default swaps, and hybrid securities. We also provide alternative funding vehicles to meet special or complicated needs, and reduce an organization or individual’s reliance on credit, where appropriate. Our services are tailored to help clients manage risk events from interest rate volatility to liquidity concerns, while also making efficient use of available capital to bring about greater earnings and profit.

We understand that the needs of our clients and their intended objectives play a huge role in their choice for capital raising. This is why private credit services is an essential part of the value we create for our local and international clientele. We are creative in our choice of investment vehicles, and support our clients in sourcing, underwriting, and managing strategic lines of credit including lien debts, mezzanine debt, syndicated credit facilities, foreign loans and more.

Our financing methods are flexible, often requiring floating vehicles to create project-focused partnerships with a win-win approach for all stakeholders. We believe in the power of synergy and the exponential growth it births. Whether our clients need to meet their short-term financing goals or carry out expansionary strategies for long-term business objectives, our private credit offerings can be tailored to achieve the desired aim.

Corporate restructuring causes a significant shift in the existence of any organization. We carry out Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations, Tender offers, as well as Management Buy-ins and Buy-outs. Our highly skilled professionals guide clients through the various stages of the M&A process, across industries and across borders. Our team of experts work hard to ensure that clients close the right deals, and we provide the right advisory services and strategies to meet their objectives. This also cuts across valuation services and other consulting requirements.

Our clients, seeking to raise funds through Debt Securities such as Corporate or Sovereign Bonds, Credit Swaps, Commercial Papers, Mezzanine Financing and other structured transactions, rely on us to identify the appropriate debt structure. Our job is to clean out the grey areas and provide the best combination of debt financing options at affordable rates. We also execute debt issuances for client. Our team operates in a highly innovative environment, keeping track of the latest changes in the fixed income markets, including bonds, money market instruments, and treasuries. The debt capital market is fast-paced, and we make sure we stay abreast of the changing times.

At Alpha Morgan Capital, we work with clients to unlock the vast potentials available in the Nigerian Capital market. We aid our clients in raising long term funds from the capital market, helping them navigate the primary market for initial public offerings (IPOs), Private Placements, Convertible Bonds, and Rights Issues. This includes services across multiple frontiers ranging from raising listed and unlisted equity, to hybrids, asset-backed, and derivative investments. This means we also carry out transactions in the secondary market while providing our clients access to relevant market information.