Stockbroking and Securities

Our experience across the financial value chain is our value proposition. We possess the required expertise to carry out transactions in the secondary market for growth-desirous investors.

Our skill in carrying out successful stock trades for both our retail and institutional investors through fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and effective benchmarking strategies to yield the best investment results is a testament of our expertise in this field. We also provide brokerage services to our clients and facilitate trades on their behalf. We offer clients our wealth of experience, and by leveraging our relationships with market makers and brokers, we are able to give clients the optimum services they require.

Leverage is an amazing investment tool that can yield immense returns and exciting profits. At Alpha Morgan Capital, we are aware of the myriad opportunities that Securities Lending provides. By deploying our market expertise, we help our clients navigate the dynamics of this offering. Securities Lending typically involves the temporary transfer of shares or bonds from a lender to a borrower who, in turn, transfers other shares, bonds, or cash assets to the lender as collateral while putting down a borrowing fee. Our job at Alpha Morgan Capital is to facilitate these transactions with all stakeholders for the benefit of our clients. Our transactions include repurchase agreements (repos) as well as other forms of leveraged investments and trading transactions.

This tailor-made product provides savvy clients with leverage, allowing them to borrow money and invest. Our margin lending services allow clients to increase the performance of their portfolio by taking advantage of positive market movements to possibly maximize their portfolio return, while using existing shares and/or cash as security/collateral.

Investing through debt has its peculiarities. Our margin lending services take into cognizance, risk elements that could potentially affect your portfolio’s performance by simulating multiple scenarios to optimize outcomes.

Every decision is as valid as the information and analysis that goes into it. This is why research plays a huge role in our investment decisions across various financial assets. Our team of professionals are skilled in carrying out market and industry related research on investment outcomes. This entails conducting due diligence on all transaction parties, monitoring trends, and carrying out analysis of industry indices to make valuable projections and investment decisions. Our research methods cut across fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and tactical assessment of market environments in making our equities, fixed income, and money market investment choices. We recognize that our clients choose us to produce the best outcomes, so we make use of adequate research tools in providing advisory services as well as achieving optimal results.