Alpha Morgan Capital Attains BBB+ Rating from Agusto & Co.

December 21, 2023


Rating Release

In its latest evaluation, Agusto & Co. has elevated Alpha Morgan Capital Managers Limited rating to a BBB+ (IM) rating.

This rating is underpinned by enhancements in the company’s risk management framework, characterized by the establishment of a distinct internal control function and the introduction of staggered approvals in the decision-making process.

The rating acknowledges and reflects the fortified risk management function and the integration of stricter risk measures in the company’s decision-making process.

Alpha Morgan Capital Managers, a limited liability company, is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), specializes in providing portfolio management and advisory services to retail investors, high-net-worth individuals, and institutional clients. The Group comprises three other members like Alpha Morgan Capital Advisory Partners, Mainstreet Bank Securities Limited, and others – collectively forming the Alpha Morgan Group.

The company was recognized by the Financial Times & Statista as one of the fastest-growing companies in Africa two years in a row and are currently expanding their financial services coverage.

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